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June 2014 Company Newsletter
06/03/2014 by Brian RubinWelcome to the first Broken Crown/Crayon company newsletter! This newsletter will recap what’s been going on over the company for the last month, including what we’ve been up to, what the latest various releases and posts are, and a taste of what’s to come in the upcoming month! With that said, let’s dive in!

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First Batch of Escaping Titan Ebooks Going Out!
02/28/2014 by Brian RubinHey folks! Brian from Broken Crown here, announcing that the first four ebook volumes relating to Escaping Titan, along with the first planned episodic release of volume 5, will be going out to Kickstarter backers on time and as promised and arriving to an inbox near you! If you're a backer, keep an eye out on your email for the download links, and please let us know if you have any questions. We'll need time to get these out to everyone, so please be patient. If your download link doesn't arrive by the end of the day, please let us know!

Now, if you didn't back the Kickstarter, but still want access to these exciting and scientifically accurate stories as well as all of the upcoming stories in the series -- which we plan to release throughout the year -- you can preorder the e-books at this link so you too can join in the fun.

Check Out Broken Crown at These Upcoming Conferences!
02/23/2014 by Brian RubinHey guys, good news! Broken Crown (and Broken Crayon) are confirmed to be at these upcoming conferences later this year:

- April 11-13: PAX East, Boston, MA
- June 27-29: TooManyGames, Philadelphia, PA (Exhibitor Info)

Is there a conference you would like to see us at? Let us know!! Hope to see you at one of these later this year!

Video from Too Many Games Expo 2013
02/21/2014 by Brian RubinHey folks, this might be a tad old, but it's nifty, so I thought we'd share it. Broken Crown made an appearance at the Too Many Games Expo 2013 in Philadelphia a while back, and the folks at Nintendo Age took a video of the event showcasing a bunch of indie developers including BC. The BC folks show up about 6:30 in to talk a little bit about Escaping Titan, so you can either skip ahead to that or share some good karma and watch the whole thing. Enjoy!

Escaping Titan Temporarily Shelved
02/01/2014 by Brian RubinHey folks, happy Sunday! I'm writing to bring you the, by contrast, unhappy news that Escaping Titan has been temporarily shelved. This was done for a variety of reasons which you can read about in the post linked to below. Don't worry about the e-books though, they're still coming, and we have plenty of stuff to keep you engaged in the meantime. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask in the forum thread below.

Welcome Brian!
02/01/2014 by Tyler YoheWe’re pleased to announce the addition of new Broken Crown team member, Brian Rubin! He joins our team as the Community Development Manager. Brian joins us after over a year of interaction with our team via his blog, Space Game Junkie. It’s an amazing blog where he covers (and will continue to cover) space-flight games, whether new, old, or in-development. Help us break him in by sending him congratulations messages on our social media feeds - Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Welcome to the team, Brian!

Is Titan in the Habitable Zone?
12/28/2013 by Jim Kasting PhDThis month guest author explains what scientists call the habitable zone, where liquid water can exist on a planet and where the zone boundaries may lie referring to other types of hydrogen-rich planets out there.

Ways Forward for Space Travel (Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door)
12/22/2013 by Amitai Bin-NunThis month Amitai discusses the hurdles we face, physical, mental, and political, and the amount of resources needed in sending humans into deep space. And will private and commercial space flight be an answer to some of those difficulties.

The Ethics of Space Colonization
12/15/2013 by Jacob Haqq-MisraThe lessons of colonization on Earth remind us that resources are limited and claims to territory can lead to conflict, which suggests that the future colonization of space should be guided by ethical principles that avoid some of the mistakes of the past.

12/08/2013 by Robert HampsonRobert takes a look back on all he covered this year and the ongoing research in his field for improving and increasing our brain functions which one day could possibly gives us abilities and sensory we don’t already have now.

Science of the Future; Science of Complexity
12/01/2013 by Jamie Boyer We have been discussing the future in many of the posts over the past months, and frequently using the present and past to inform our knowledge about what the future may bring. This post will be no different, but I want to imagine what science may look like in the future: a future where space exploration and colonization may be common for many people.

Getting Out of Here: Escape Velocity on Titan
11/22/2013 by Amitai Bin-NunAmitai explains at what force of speed we need to break free from our planets gravitation pull to enter space and what the difference would be compared to leaving the surface of Titan.

Atmosphere and Life
11/15/2013 by Jacob Haqq-MisraA pressurized environment is one of our requirements for life. We have shown the ability to adapt to a wide range of environments on Earth. Pressurized domes for cities as well as resilient space suits for astronauts will be necessary for human habitation on such worlds.

The neuroscience of motion
11/08/2013 by Robert HampsonRobert talks about robotics that can be controlled using signals from our brains. Although now it's a one way street, we are ever so closer to ability to receive signals back to the brain, giving amputees the ability for mobility, distance and feel of touch.

Site Maintenance
11/01/2013 by Chris KochelAfter almost a year of uninterrupted up-time of our web-server, the time has come to upgrade the ram! Alas, that means I will be shutting it down for a few minutes in the near future, but we should be better than ever upon reboot. The downtime is planned for 7am EST November 2nd.

Biotech on Titan
11/01/2013 by Register Login This month Jamie is going to talk about about the crops that explorers will be bringing on voyages to distant planets and moons, as well as the type of crops that they possibly would be growing on these planets.

Running on the Methane Lakes of Titan
10/28/2013 by David LatchmanIf you ever wondered what it would be like to run on water, then you should visit Titan for a truly out of the world experience. In this post Dave explains how Titan's reduced gravity environment make it possible to run across it's methane lakes with special exosuits.

Powering Deep Space, Part II
10/22/2013 by Amitai Bin-NunOn Titan we will need to exploit its huge reserves of liquid methane. This post will explore some issues involved in exploiting these methane reserves and we will look at two other potential power sources that have gained attention recently back here on Earth.

Life Underground
10/15/2013 by Jacob Haqq-MisraIn a future world, colonists may live in underground caves. Humans may reside underground for generations, developing as a species on a planet in almost total darkness. In such a scenario, how might evolutionary pressures lead to physical changes in future human cave dwellers?

The Heart of the Matter: Atom Manipulation SSI
10/08/2013 by Robert HampsonRobert discusses atom manipulation; the ability to move single atoms and more complex molecules around to build up or tear apart the matter that surrounds us, in the final SSI topic. You can take things apart, and put them back together in a totally different place - just like a Star Trek Transporter. At it's simplest, Atom Manipulation is telekinesis at the large, small and ultimately the atomic level.

Photosynthetic Redux
10/01/2013 by Jamie BoyerWhat if Titan already has life? Maybe some early chemosynthetic bacteria is already churning away in deep sea vents. What could we expect on Titan over the next millions and billions of years? Jamie discusses the process of life on Earth that may have taken place similarly on Titan.

The Great Silence
09/28/2013 by Andrew RushbyAndrew discusses the possibility of life, in any form, on other planets. And why we haven't been contacted by other beings or have found extraterrestrial life yet, considering, the many possibilities of Earth like planets that could be out there in estimation using the Drake equation.

Powering Deep Space Colonization: Titan’s Advantage
09/22/2013 by Amitai Bin-NunTo stay safe and work effectively, a colony in distant space is going to need a power source to light and heat it. This post will explore some typical power sources on Earth and why it’s so important that any planet have it’s own fuel source.

Weird and Exotic Life
09/15/2013 by Jacob Haqq-MisraAstrobiology is cursed with the problem of a “sample size of one”. We only have one example of life--Earth--to examine, which creates difficulty in predicting what to expect of extraterrestrial life. Jacobs explore the more exotic forms of life that we might someday discover.

The Arc of Communication
09/08/2013 by Robert HampsonIn Escaping Titan the mind control implant is targeted to the Inferior Frontal Gyrus of the brain. Robert continues this month talking about this area of the brain and how it connects with other areas of the brain for speech, hearing, language and understanding.

The Origin of Life on Titan
09/01/2013 by Jamie BoyerMuch of the data coming back from NASA’s Cassini Project indicates that Titan shares a surprising number of features with Earth. It may have liquid water and even hydrothermal vents similar to Earth's seafloors. Titan could possess a diversity of strange underwater life.

The search for life - the Drake Equation
08/28/2013 by Ed TrollopeThe most commonly asked question in sci-fi and in science is "are we alone?" We look to Mars looking for past life, but what about life on different planets right now in the present. The universe is a harsh environment, what are the odds of finding life or even intelligent life somewhere else. The answer lies within "The Drake Equation"

EMP Weapons: End of Civilization or Just a Lot of Fizz?
08/22/2013 by Amitai Bin-NunThis month Amitai talks about the physics behind EMP(Electromagnetic pulse) weapons and the debate on how much damage they could actually do in scale. Will they be the future in warfare?

Seasons on Titan
08/15/2013 by Jacob Haqq-MisraThis month Jacob talks about the season cycles on Titan which are seven times longer than Earth's and affected by the moon's orbit around Titan. On Earth, our seasons, are affected by our orbit around the sun. It's possible, in the future, colonist may find Titan more appealing as it could somewhat remind us of our own planet.

Who's in Control?
08/08/2013 by Robert HampsonAre you in control? This month it’s all about mind control, being psychic, telekinesis, and where would this take present in the brain. What would you do if you have these abilities? I am sure your in deep thought right now of the possibilities! In Escaping Titan, they have selected Inferior Frontal Gyrus, for the site of action of the Synapse Stimulating Implant that conveys the power of mind control.

Photosynthesis Synthesis
08/01/2013 by Jamie BoyerThe earliest plants on the Earth were flat and small organisms, hugging the ground but still able to intercept light to conduct photosynthesis. In the end, it’s all about light and photosynthesis for life on Earth. Jamie believes this is where explorers of distant worlds will want to focus.

July Science Newsletter is Now Available!
08/01/2013 by Tyler YoheCurious what we've been up to with respect to the science side of things over the past month? Take a peek at this month's Science Newsletter and find out.

The Future of Archaeology
07/27/2013 by Scott C. Viguie J.D., PhDAs our civilization travels to one planet to the the next in Escaping Titan, Earth is gone. Scott explains how archaeology will change in a world where humans may not leave much behind in their travels and how the things they do take with them from Earth may be priceless.

Titan's Underground Oceans
07/22/2013 by Jacob Haqq-MisraThis month Jacob talks about the challenges of terraforming Titan compared to Mars and how the lack of a magnetic field would put future colonist at risk when stepping onto the moon without shielding.

A Star is Born (and grows up)!
07/15/2013 by Amitai Bin-NunStars, stars and more stars. This month Amitai talks about a stars creation and death. He will explain the process of nuclear fusion, and the relationship between the temperature and brightness of stars relative to their mass.

Hypothalamus SSI – The Self-Healing Ability
07/08/2013 by Robert HampsonIn Robert's third segment about the hypothalamus, he talks about self-healing abilities of the brain and how a stimulating implant would function with the hypothalamus in controlling or accelerating the healing process, which would be useful for our survival on other worlds.

The Upright Botanical Brigade
07/01/2013 by Jamie BoyerThis month Jamie continues his segment on how plants evolve and adapt by focusing on the shoot system, and stems of plants. This is particularly important to our development team in creating more realistic plants that could help in our survival on Titan.

Terraforming Titan
06/22/2013 by Jacob Haqq-MisraThis month Jacob talks about the challenges of terraforming Titan compared to Mars and how the lack of a magnetic field would put future colonist at risk when stepping onto the moon without shielding.

Coming to a Planet Near You? Asteroids and NEOs
06/15/2013 by Amitai Bin-NunAmitai continues his "Dangers of Space" segment with the possibilities of asteroids and other Near Earth Objects impacting our planet and what methods we are coming up with to prevent future disasters and to preserve our way of life.

Hypothalamus – When, Where, & How
06/08/2013 by Robert HampsonRobert continues to the second of three posts on the hypothalamus. This month he breaks down the hypothalamus into its different regions and their functions.

Root of the Problem...
06/01/2013 by Jamie Boyer"Roots" are one of the most important and least understood parts of the plant. It appears that the ability of plants to anchor to a substrate and absorb water and minerals from the environment are two crucial hurdles that plants had to overcome in Earth's evolution...

The Future of Crowdfunded Space Missions
05/31/2013 by David Geaney"...I was intrigued by the concept of the 'Terraboom Era' where governments, corporations, and even individuals collaborated to gather the necessary resources for space colonization. What struck me were the similarities between the ‘Terraboom Era’ and our current time. For decades governments and corporations have teamed up to generate space missions, but recently it has become easier for individual people to contribute to space missions. Perhaps the emergence of crowdfunding will initiate the first 'Terraboom Era' here on Earth..."

Staying Alive: Radiation Exposure in Space
05/21/2013 by Amitai Bin-Nun"One of the biggest hazards faced by astronauts as they go above the surface of the Earth is exposure to radiation, which is energy or matter moving through space. Radiation is dangerous because intense, energetic particles can penetrate deep into the human body and damage some of the cells that make up the body..."

Terraforming 101
05/15/2013 by Jacob Haqq-Misra"The concept of altering the global climate of a planet to make it more suitable for human colonization is known as terraforming. One reason to terraform a planet, such as Mars, is to increase its overall surface temperature to make the climate warmer for humans..."

Hypothalamus: The Control Center.
05/08/2013 by Robert Hampson"The Hypothalamic SSI is the ideal implant for a future astronaut or colonist. Harsh environments, temperature and pressure extremes, micro (or no) gravity, and altered day/night and seasonal cycles all suggest that a Hypothalamic SSI is not just optional, but necessary – hence its inclusion in the scientifically realistic Escaping Titan..."

Wild Medicine and Fuel
05/01/2013 by Jamie Boyer"How likely are we to use plants for non-edible reasons in a space colony - for medicine, fuels, and even toxins? Although not your first thought, there is room for plants playing many roles in this new world..."

Fungal Networking and Symbiosis for the Future
04/28/2013 by Nathan Nolte"Early in mankind's development, strange looking mushrooms were often thought to be plants. Lichens, molds and other fungi were looked upon with confusion or even fear. These mysterious little organisms may hold a very unique key to our future..."

Getting Up There: Space Elevators on Earth and Titan
04/21/2013 by Amitai Bin-Nun"A space elevator is a way to get to space without using rocket based propulsion. It’s main component is a tall, thin tower, called a tether, that goes from Earth into space. A vehicle, filled with objects, attaches to the structure and can ride up into space..."

Kickstarter Success!
04/18/2013 by Tyler YoheThank you to all of you that donated, we managed to hit 336% of goal in our Kickstarter Campaign. We are now hard at work on the Escaping Titan Sourcebook Collection. Stay tuned for updates!

AMA session for our LIVE Hangout
04/18/2013 by Tyler YoheFor anyone looking to ask questions during our LIVE Google+ Hangout feel free to join our Reddit AMA and ask away!

LIVE Kickstarter Hangout
04/18/2013 by Tyler YoheFor anyone looking to watch our LIVE Kickstarter Hangout celebrating the final 3 hours of our campaign.

Life Around An Evolving Star
04/17/2013 by Jacob Haqq-MisraThis week's Science Behind the Sci-Fi, Jacob Haqq-Misra shares with us the long-term view of our solar system in Life Around An Evolving Star.

Little Cortex here, A Little Cortex there...
04/09/2013 by Robert HampsonThis week's Science Behind the Sci-Fi, Little Cortex here, A Little Cortex there... there's a map for that. A map of the sections of the brain needed to control and possibly enhance motor functions using Synapse Stimulant Implants!

Better Building Through Plants
04/01/2013 by Jamie BoyerThis week's Science Behind the Sci-Fi, Jamie Boyer takes us through some possibilities for building materials and other non-edible uses for plants on Titan in Better Building Through Plants!

The Huygens Lander Falling to Titan
03/28/2013 by Amy TeitelThis month's Science Behind the Sci-Fi guest blogger, Amy Teitel writes about the first mission to the surface of Titan which is a fascinating story covering years of preparation and culminated in The Huygens Lander Falling to Titan.

Looking for WaterWorld
03/22/2013 by Amitai Bin-NunThis week's Science Behind the Sci-Fi, Amitai Bin-Nun goes Looking for WaterWorld on the moons of our solar system. Can any of them support life better than Titan?

AMA on Reddit
03/17/2013 by Tyler YoheJoin us on our reddit AMA and ask us anything! Ask about #Kickstarter, #MegaCon vs #PAXEast animation contest, or #scibehindscifi AMA

16 Bit Assassins Interview
03/15/2013 by Chris KochelCo-Founder Chris shares some information about Broken Crown and the Kickstarter with the 16 Bit Assassins podcast in that they're calling "That's no moon....drink".

Forum Issues
03/15/2013 by Chris KochelDue to increased traffic our forums may be intermittently unavailable. If you are unable to get to them, please try again later. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you participated in the Megacon Dance Competition your submissions will be listed in the evening of the day you danced, with videos to follow.

Iapetus: The Yin-Yang Planet
03/15/2013 by Jacob Haqq-MisraThis week's Science Behind the Sci-Fi, Jacob Haqq-Misra tells us about Saturn's third largest moon, Iapetus: The Yin-Yang Planet.

Escaping Titan: Sourcebook Collection Kickstarter Launched
03/15/2013 by Chris KochelWe have officially launched our first Kickstarter! The Escaping Titan: Sourcebook Collection will be focused on growing our community and enhancing the community outreach which we already do. We are also participating in Kicking it Forward which means we will spend 5% of the profits on other Kickstarter projects to help facilitate the continuation of this great funding source!

Dr. Geek's Lab
03/14/2013 by Chris KochelTune in to the most recent episode of Dr. Geek's Lab where Chris and Tyler stop by for an interview about Broken Crown: Escaping Titan.

Driving by the seat of your... Cortex?!?
03/07/2013 by Robert HampsonThis week's Science Behind the Sci-Fi, Robert Hampson describes the concept behind the "self-buff" ability in Broken Crown: Escaping Titan. So buckle up and prepare to start Driving by the seat of your... Cortex?!?

Growing an Edible System on Titan
03/01/2013 by Jamie BoyerThis week's Science Behind the Sci-Fi, Jamie Boyer continues his discussion about food in space, or in this case, on Titan itself! Let's explore how settlers might begin Growing an Edible System on Titan.

On the Surface of Titan
02/28/2013 by Sanjoy SomThis week's Science Behind the Sci-Fi, NASA Astrobiologist, Sanjoy Som explains what settlers might find, and how they would be able to see it On the Surface of Titan.

Dangers of Space Travel: Black Holes
02/20/2013 by Amitai Bin-NunThis week's Science Behind the Sci-Fi, Amitai Bin-Nun sheds some light on the Dangers of Space Travel: Black Holes. Read along, as we learn how to avoid these super-dense space ship traps.

Atmosphere from Ice on Rhea
02/15/2013 by Jacob Haqq-MisraThis week on Science Behind the Sci-Fi, Jacob Haqq-Misra tells us about Atmosphere from Ice on Rhea, Saturn's second largest moon. Imagine what this icy planetary body might have in store for settlers of Titan!

GDC Expo Pass Giveaway
02/08/2013 by Broken Crown GamesGDC Expo Pass Giveaway
We have too many passes for GDC - what to do?! Well we figure this is a great opportunity for press, fans, or other developers, and we don't want it to go to waste! So we decided to have a giveaway! (YouTube link)

Stimulating Ideas
02/08/2013 by Robert HampsonThis week on Science Behind the Sci-Fi, Robert Hampson is at it again, bringing us some Stimulating Ideas about how the augmented abilities that some characters in Escaping Titan will have, might be achieved through science! Also, choose your 3 favorite brain enhancements in the poll at the top.

What does ancient Earth tell us?
02/01/2013 by Jamie BoyerThis week on Science Behind the Sci-Fi, Jamie Boyer enlightens us about the potential for life on Titan. See what does ancient Earth tell us about the possibilities for life on other planets.

Space Game Junkie Interview (Part 2)
01/31/2013 by Tyler YoheGoogle Hangout interview with SpaceGameJunkie Part 2

Space Game Junkie Interview (Part 1)
01/31/2013 by Tyler YoheGoogle Hangout interview with SpaceGameJunkie Part 1

The Broken Crown Event
01/28/2013 by Alma Ruiz-VelascoFor this month's Science Behind the Sci-Fi, join guest panelist Alma Ruiz-Velasco as she discusses the science behind The Broken Crown Event. Can a massive solar flare wipe out the Earth's atmosphere?

Life in An Orange Haze...
01/21/2013 by Amitai Bin-NunThis week on Science Behind the Sci-Fi, Astronomer and Astrophysicist Amitai Bin-Nun shares with us the view from Titan's surface in Life in An Orange Haze...

Methane Rains on Titan
01/15/2013 by Jacob Haqq-MisraThis week on Science Behind the Sci-Fi, get out your umbrellas as Astrobiologist Jacob Haqq-Misra takes us on a meteorological tour of the Methane Rains on Titan. You might also want to bring a coat, it can get a bit cold when methane is in liquid form!

Brain and Brain: What is Brain?
01/07/2013 by Robert HampsonFor this week's Science Behind the Sci-Fi, we welcome Robert Hampson who will share with us some of the basics upon which we will build our Synapse Stimulant Implants in his post Brain and Brain: What is Brain?.

Happy New Year!
01/01/2013 by Chris KochelHappy New Year! We'd like to welcome our panelists who will be participating in our #SciBehindSciFi forums. We also encourage you all to read what they have to say and get involved with the conversations.

What's for Dinner
12/31/2012 by Jamie BoyerFor this week's Science Behind the Sci-Fi, we ask What's for Dinner with our resident Paleobotanist, Jamie Boyer. Read along as we explore the delicacies awaiting astronauts and settlers who make the long space voyage to Mars, Titan and beyond!

365 days of astronomy podcast
12/19/2012 by Tyler YoheCEO, Tyler appeared on the podcast 365 days of astronomy to talk about Edutainment.

Public Google Calendar
11/30/2012 by Chris KochelAdded a public calendar on the right side of the site that you can add to your own google calendar to stay up to date with upcoming events.

New Company Logo
08/30/2012 by Chris KochelThanks to Tony, our lead artist, we now have a new company logo which we've add to the site as well as the forums.

Welcome Dr. Thunder!
08/28/2012 by Tyler YoheWe happily welcome the experience of new development team member, Chris Cheng! He will be focusing on bringing our games to life with his code programming skills!

New Website
08/16/2012 by Chris KochelWe've rolled out our new website. Let us know what you think of the changes using our new Contact Us page!

LASP New Media Workshop
07/20/2012 by Tyler YoheCEO, Tyler Yohe, attended the LASP New Media Workshop at the University of Colorado. While there he was able to meet a number of influential members of the space science community, Alan Stern (former NASA Executive) and David Geaney (creator of MarsTravel.org).

2013 National Space Symposium
07/09/2012 by Tyler YoheOur team has begun talks with representatives at the Space Foundation in order to exhibit at the 2013 National Space Symposium!

Welcome Asa!
06/26/2012 by Tyler YoheWe'd like to welcome on the newest member to the Broken Crown Games Volunteer Army, Asa Gillette! Asa is lending a hand as a technical lead, where he will be focusing primarily on game pre-production management!

Welcome Tony!
06/20/2012 by Tyler YoheWe are excited to announce the first addition to the Broken Crown Games Volunteer Army, Tony Liu! Tony will be joining the fight as the lead 3D character artist!

GDC Play
05/25/2012 by Tyler YoheBroken Crown Games is exploring the possibility of hosting a GDC Play exhibit at GDC 2013 in San Francisco, CA!

The Broken Crown Event
03/01/2012 by Tyler YoheOur first attempt at a game trailer. The Broken Crown Event: